Wednesday, December 17, 2014


My mother suffered a long, debilitating illness and finally passed away in October.  I've been very sad considering the pain and loss of function she suffered.  But I am also content in another part of my heart, knowing I said and did what I should have while she was still alive.  Some of those things include knitting a matching bed jacket and slipper set to wear in the hospital and creating a hooded scarf she could wear during the cold months.  I also have done a lot of sewing for my mother over the years.  I used to trim her hair, set her hair in curlers, tweeze her eyebrows, drive her wherever she wanted to go, run errands after work, etc.  But mostly, I was there when she needed a hearing ear or a shoulder to cry on.

We bind off when we're finished knitting a project, and that's another accomplishment in our creative lives.  The warm feelings we experience, especially while knitting for those we love, will stay with us.  But how many of us just lay our needles down and stop?  No, we're ready to cast on again -- to make another garment, accessory or toy for friends and loved ones.  I'll keep casting on with no regrets but only the good memories of my mother.  

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