Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015


Just finished a pair of fingerless gloves for my sister who has arthritis in her hands.  They're knit from cotton chenille.  It's so soft and it holds up to laundering, unlike chenilles made from rayon, etc., which fall apart in the wash.

I'm about halfway through a pair of socks using self-striping yarn for the first time.  It's Red Heart with Aloe I purchased a few years ago.  The design is "Nanners" by WendyKnits, so the pattern looks a little 'scrolly' over the top of the foot.  Rather than one Size 0 circular for magic loop, I'm trying out using two circs.  It seems to be working well, except somehow the yarn gets tangled in between the socks sometimes.  Not sure what that's about, but it works itself out on the next round.  I can't wait to be able to wear these.  Serendipitously, I also have a mostly finished wool sweater that boasts the same colors as the socks.  Wouldn't it be cute to wear them together.  The sweater has been a UFO for several years now, so looks like I'd better get busy on it.

Babies seem to pop up when you're least in a position to have an article knitted for them somehow.  I know four couples who recently married, within the last year, so it only stands to reason that at least one of them would get pregnant.  So I've started a baby blanket in order to be ready this time.  It's bulky cotton chenille in blues/purples/teals and I'm knitting it on Size 11 needles.  I washed and dried a swatch and it came out so soft and cushy.  I'm sure whichever baby gets it will be happy.

I'm using SOAK Wash now instead of Woolite for washing my woolly handknits.  So far I'm quite satisfied.  An infinity scarf I made was just the tiniest bit scratchy, but after an overnight soak (they say you don't even need to rinse it out), and blocking it, it's so soft.  Great for going around my sensitive neck.  It's lavendar and knit in the Japanese Feather pattern.  I have another scarf that will be an infinity scarf after I sew the ends together.  It's a reversible leaf pattern, so it lends itself well to the twists and turns of an infinity scarf.

I'm so thankful for my knitting -- what would my hands do without it?  

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